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     Truth be told… I LOVE CATS. Not super cat-lady obsessed, but I prefer cats as I do dogs. As long as they’re nice I suppose. I mean, they basically take care of themselves, if they want attention, they’ll come looking for it. I dunno, I think it’s because a cat’s behavior fits my persona?

     Anyways, here are the next set of kitty prints! (and shirts, and phone cases etc…) WOOT

     Funny how they all seem to have similar color schemes… Coincidence? Perhaps the illustrators subconsciously make their decisions based on animal? Who knows, gotta admit though, purple is a good color on cats…

                   P R I N T S  :

Skitty Prints

Sneasel Prints

Purloin Prints

Glameow Prints


Some fairly old Pokemon art I drew for people on Subeta.

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