Hoenn Places: Anime vs. Game (1/?)


Hoenn Route 110, connecting Slateport City to Mauville City


Hoenn Route 105, waterway from Petalburg City to Dewford Town



I couldn’t decide whether I liked the bit of green on the bottom or not, so I uploaded both!

I see so much art of Mawile being so aggressive. Need more cutie art of Mawile. Gentle Mawile. Fairy side of Mawile. Smelling flowers, and singing. Beautiful little angel Mawile, being a precious little princess that can bite off your head if she so chooses. My wonderful little angel. All she needs is a flower crown, and everything would be perfect. uwu

Congrats to cdromeoandjouleiet for being the first to guess correctly! Just message me what Pokemon you would like doodled! Also, congrats to my followers, today you did very well, almost everyone guessed one of my top Steel (Mawile, Jirachi, Aron, Klefki). c:

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